Keith Climpson 01

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Untitled shelf work ( yellow / white ) 2006, gesso and oil on wood 8 x 40 cm

My latest body of work reflects my explorations into reductive art making and my interest in a return to traditional materials.

I have been examining issues of deconstruction and reconstruction within painting and have used predominantly traditional materials such as wood, canvas and gesso, to create works which seek to combine traditional hand-made craftsmanship with a contemporary edge.


These apparently simple works are predominantly about challenging the bombardment to our senses that modern day living affords.  They call into question the visual pace with which we have become accustomed to viewing the world and are aimed at encouraging the viewer to consider an alternative language; one of slowness, calm, sensitivity, light and simple beauty.


The subtlety and restraint of these works belie their biggest challenge to the viewer - for ultimately they require the audience to give willingly of one of todays most valuable commodities, that of time.


Keith Climpson 2008




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