Thierry Thoubert 03

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Nights in white strata

nights in white strata

never reaching return

patterns I’ve drawen

never meaning to send                                   

                                                                                cause I love it

                                                                                     yes I love it

                                                                       oh oh oh   I love it


gazing at people

some hand in hand

just what I’m going through

they can understand





Art I’ve always missed

With these eyes before

Just what the real is

I can’t see any more





Some try to tell me

Thoughs they cannot defend

Just what you want to be

You will be in return


                                                                               And I love it …



( Thanks to j. Hayward )  

   "Strata n° 57", photographie, 130 x 90 cm, 2008, coll blaustein

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