Don Voisine 01

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"Painting for a Compound Eye"
oil on wood
20 1/2" x 36" 2006


As a painter Don Voisine focuses on a close examination of the specific qualities of painting such as scale, format, support, edge, color, material, and surface. Referencing architectural practice he utilizes a tightly edited set of structural elements in an ongoing series of themes and variations that are consistently alert to the tensions inherent in the play of color and composition across the two dimensional field. In his resolutely smooth and flat paintings Voisine also teases with hints of painterly illusionistic space, creating it solely through the careful use of varying paint textures and transparencies and by oppositions of color. Choosing to work on constucted plywood supports, he subtly contradicts the solid density of the panel by creating a sense of shifting and layered depth. In his paintings, borders of bright color surround bracketed and overlapping bands which then give way to internal fields governed by squared areas of softened blacks. These dark voids draw the viewer in while at the same time pushing forward to dominate the plane. Exuding graphic vigor the paintings suggest a sort of existential signage, dark but beguiling. Blending a refined puzzler's sensibility with inventive formal clarity, Don Voisine has created a fascinating new group of paintings that both celebrate and reward close attention to the details.

Metaphor contemporary art gallery
382 atlantic avenues brooklyn
New York 11217 




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