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                           Yamashita pier workers, Beat Streuli, 2005

Beat Streuli by Vincent Katz (extract)

[…]Formal concerns, adroitly addressed in all his photographs, provide only the merest backdrop for Streuli's work. In front, audaciously stressed in the foreground, are Streuli's depictions of his fellow human beings. One says "fellow" as, wherever he chooses to shoot (he has photographed people in Sydney , Birmingham , and Bangkok , to name a few), Streuli engages in empathetic response to his subjects. He achieves this, paradoxically, as a voyeur, using a telephoto lens, sometimes ensconced inside a cafe, while photographing people passing outside. By not entering into a personal relationship with his subjects, he captures them in their natural, unguarded state. From this "omniscient" position, he makes significant choices. He chooses not to highlight people's awkward failures of composure but rather their graceful normality. He comes close to seeing the animal in people, that part of them that is incapable of wrongdoing. […]





Beat Streuli is born 1957 in Switzerland. Lives in Zurich, Brussels and Düsseldorf.

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