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Architecture - a language of space -

delineates boundaries, exposes points of access, exit or entry; and enables the user

to interact within a defined space. This language informs my paintings.

Working with symmetry and a standardized format to reduce variables,

these paintings establish borders on all planes. Color activates an apparent

void; a reflective surface opens a window in the painting, mirroring and

obscuring the view.

Such devices restrict then reveal the interior spaces, establishing a quiet and changeable

interaction. The formal confines of the paintings invite subjective intervention and

meaning is created in reponse to prescribed limitations of this language.

My paintings can be seen as being concerned with limits, restrictions,

controlled or limited access. I am interested in investigating space, light,

color, and perception, and the effect of the whole, which is of course

more tha just seeing.


Years ago, I began working with iagery derived from floor plans of places I lived in or worked in.

Over time the paintings became more and more geometrically structured and less about a

specific place; My work evolves slowly through repeated explorations of variations and

form which lead to new possibilities.


Don Voisine






 " Delayed green"






 " Duo "







 " Inauguration "







 "Your idea "










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